Dr. Patrick Swier came to Lewes after graduating from Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons and completing his General and Plastic surgery residency at Johns Hopkins in 2000. As a medical student, Dr. Patrick Swier did research at the University of Utah artificial heart lab and helped design and test new heart valves, stent coatings and new prototypes of the artificial hearts as a bridge to transplantation. Also as a student, he performed many heart transplantations in mice and rats which sparked his interest in microsurgery and plastic surgery. At the University of Utah Plastic Surgery Department he perfected these microsurgery skills by doing limb transplantations in a rat model, working with Dr. Graham Lister and Dr. Maria Siemionow who is currently at the Cleveland Clinic working with the face transplant group.

Being a general plastic surgeon in a small but growing community, Dr. Patrick Swier has a varied practice, which at one point included hand surgery, peripheral nerve surgery, breast reconstructive surgery, trauma surgery, hernia surgery and is now focused on mostly cosmetic surgery and skin cancer surgery as the main components. Learning the Mohs technique helped to develop the skin cancer practice, which helps the community to deal with the current skin cancer epidemic. With practice locations in Lewes, Milford and soon in Millsboro, Dr. Patrick Swier serves Sussex County only.

In addition he is a dedicated father of 2 wonderfully gifted children and tries to be an obedient husband. Dr. Patrick Swier met his college sweetheart as a student in Salt Lake City and they have been married for 25 years. In his spare time, Dr. Patrick Swier likes to spend time with his children and their 3 dogs: Bella, Fiona and Hodor, likes to play golf, swim and sail.

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